artist statement


My main source of inspiration in creating art involves themes from nature and its elements . Because I endeavor to live according to an ethic that dictates treading softly and respectfully on earth, I use media and materials least harmful ecologically, including digital photography, color pencils, watercolor, and natural fibers. Curiosity about anatomy and kinesiology provides an additional source of inspiration for my art. I would best describe my process as intuitive, spontaneous, and evolutionary.

I find nothing more exhilarating than a romp in the woods, inspiring my mind to challenge its often useless chatter and, at the same time, energizing body and soul. Such ready freedom from angst is a grand truth gleaned from my long professional psychology career. I hope that the viewer may experience some of the joy , awe, and hope that flows from my loving inquiry and ultimately arrive at a personal perception of universal oneness.

This collection of photo images offers a few examples.